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Forum of the Americas for Agricultural Research and Technology Development

Virtual consultation: Digital Agriculture and Inclusion – Priorities for the agricultural research, development and innovation agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean


The application of digital technologies in agriculture with the aim of improving efficiency, productivity and resilience to climate change is growing exponentially in the world and in our region. But these technological developments are not among the usual topics addressed by the actors of the agricultural innovation systems. For this reason, its emergence should be analyzed by the agricultural RDI (research, development and innovation) institutions and organizations of the hemisphere, to define how they affect their priorities and agendas.

In general, efforts are required by all actors, both public and private, to bridge the connectivity gaps; meet the need for appropriate digital developments for different types of producers in different regions; improve clarity in the regulation of information privacy; and strengthen the capacities of producers, of other actors in the agricultural chains and of the agriculture support services, to develop and take advantage of options based on digital technologies.

FORAGRO (the Forum of the Americas for Agricultural Research and Technological Development) is making this call for a virtual dialogue to analyze collaboratively and agree on the priorities that should be incorporated into the hemispheric RDI agenda, to achieve an inclusive and equitable use of digital agriculture, that leaves no one behind.

FORAGRO is an inclusive forum in which producer, civil society, research, extension, cooperation and all public, private and academic organizations of agricultural RDI systems can register as members of its Assembly. Due to its multi-sectoral nature and its focus on RDI, it is the ideal forum to achieve a participatory discussion and a joint positioning on the hemispheric RDI agenda in the face of growing rural digitalization.

Description of the consultation:

The consultation will take place over a 3-week period (September 16 – October 6) through virtual means. Interested participants can request registration in the group at!forum/consulta-virtual-foragro/join. During each week, there will be questions to guide the discussions. Finally, a summary of the responses will be prepared to serve as input for the definition of priorities for an agreed RDI agenda on the subject.

As input for the discussions, the FORAGRO Executive Secretariat has produced a brief technical note on the subject. Please check it out on the FORAGRO site.