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Forum of the Americas for Agricultural Research and Technology Development

FORAGRO: Strategic Plan – 2019 - 2030

Año: 2018

The challenges facing agriculture today (climate change, fluctuating international prices, falling public investment in research in some countries, cost of research, access to innovation, sustainability of natural resources, etc.) provide the opportunity and scope for FORAGRO to play a fundamental role by increasing its relevance, and investing in the dissemination and exchange of knowledge on innovation proposed by its partners in the region. This Strategic Plan details the strategic elements of the New FORAGRO that are framed within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)   and in accordance with these, each element corresponds to one or more specific objectives. The areas highlighted during the consolidation  process determine the following strategic lines of action to achieve the desired FORAGRO: a. Positioning and Visibility; b. Relevance as a Discussion and Exchange Forum; c. Strategic Alliances for Capacity Building; and d. Financial Sustainability