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Forum of the Americas for Agricultural Research and Technology Development


The Forum of the Americas for Agricultural Research and Technological Development (FORAGRO) was established in 1997 as a hemispheric mechanism for the discussion and mobilization of agreements on topics of research and innovation that impact the agri-food sector of the Americas.

It is open and inclusive: Producer organizations, civil society, research, extension, cooperation, and all the public, private and academic organizations of the agricultural research, development and innovation (RDI) systems can register as members of its Assembly.

Our mission

To serve as a Forum to promote dialogue, actively discuss needs and opportunities, generate analysis and proposals and foster partnerships to strengthen science, technology and innovation systems for the sustainable development of agriculture in the Americas.

Our vision

To be recognized as the main Forum of the Americas for discussion and sharing ideas on the present and future of agricultural science, technology and innovation systems.

Priority topics

  • Natural resources that support agriculture: soil, water, biodiversity
  • Technological innovation for the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of agriculture
  • Support for innovation in family farming
  • Capacity development of capabilities at multiple levels (research institutions, production sector, extension systems, governments, stakeholders)

What do we do?

  • Serve as a discussion forum through which stakeholders can debate on important issues
  • Generate relevant information and knowledge on priority RDI topics to support decision-making processes among policymakers and stakeholders of the production sector and of the scientific-technological system
  • Provide a platform for coordinating actions between organizations as well as between intra and inter-regional cooperation mechanisms
  • Facilitate platforms for managing and disseminating knowledge and information



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